The Vinyl Lettering Designer

For Your Woocommerce Shop

  • Advanced Text Measuring
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Download Orders as SVG

Sell Your Vinyl Lettering - In Style

Make Things Easy & Increase Sales

VLD is a plugin for Woocommerce

This tool allows your customers to design their own vinyl lettering decals online. They can adjust the size, change the font, color & vinyl type.

You set your prices & sizes - the user can never go below or above your size range. Everything is measured!

Customer adds to cart - You download the orders.

Here's what it includes
Displays user's text & measurements

Live previews of the user's text are shown in their selected font & colour. The measurements of the lettering are also visible detailing the total width, height, and height minus the tails of certain characters.

Visual measurements can be enabled or disabled as you please.

Instant pricing of lettering

The total price of the lettering will be shown according to your preferences. Either price by character, or by overall size. You can also increase or decrease the price depending on which colour or vinyl type is selected.

Choose from 100s of fonts + your own

Having the right fonts to appeal to your customers and be able to cut from vinyl is important. We've provided you with the google fonts library to use at your disposal, you can also upload your own fonts in TTF format.

Set your available vinyl & colours

Predetermine your arsenal of vinyl types & colours. Name them accordingly, and choose what colour the customers will be able to preview their vinyl lettering in.

Size by height or width

Your customers are able to choose from: mm, cm, or inches to display the lettering in. They can then input either a height, or width and the designer will calculate the total measurements, never going past your size thresholds.

Highly Customisable

We've made it so you shouldn't have any problem getting the UI to fit with your website. You can adjust the look and style in real time. In fact... Most things are easily configurable!

Download orders + SVG files

Drag and drop your vinyl lettering orders straight into your graphics editor in SVG format! You can also download a CSV spreadsheet of each order along with its specifications.

Device Responsive UI

Integerates into your WC product


Integrates With Woocomerce Orders

Drag & Drop Orders Into Your Graphics Software

Ready to make things even easier?

When an order has been placed, you now have the ability to download multiple orders in a spreadsheet.

Each download comes with the corresponding SVG files for each order. This is BIG SUTFF! Why?
Because you can literally drag the order into your graphic software already converted to lines!

Find out more about the back-end

Here's Why Your Customers Will Love It

Specific Measurements For Specific People

Read more on sizing

Making It Yours

Designed To Be Customisable & User Friendly

Read more on the UI

FAQ - See If We Have The Answer

Is it easy to set up?
Will it work with my theme?
Do I need woocommerce installed?
How do I activate the plugin?
What if I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely, setting it up is a breeze.

Simply download the zip file, upload it as a plugin in Wordpress.

Configuring the plugin, with all your prices, fonts, colors & preferences is relatavely self explanatory within the admin dashboard, and we also have a knowledge base which should help with any configuring questions you might have.

We've designed it for ease of use both for the user and you... the admin. If you want to quickly go in and swap out a color, or amend your pricing structure, then no problem!

VLD works with most commercial themes.

If you're using any kind of well built theme for Woocommerce, there shouldn't be any problems.

Some themes can be put together differently so we can't guarantee that the results will be the same on every theme out there.

You can download the FREE plugin to try it out for yourself before you buy.

We do offer an additional service for any further customization if you wish for any extra help.

Yes, Woocommerce is needed.

The ordering system for the plugin is built to work specifically with Woocommerce.

We do have plans in the near future to release a standalone version which can be used on any website with coding knowledge.

Activation requires a monthly subscription.

Once you have purchased your subscription with us, you can then find your api key in "My Account > Activation".

You will also need to enter the domain name of the website you intend to use the plugin on (This can be changed). This is so we know it's you who's using the plugin, and not a pirate!

We would be sad to see you go.

If you decide for whatever reason, to cancel your subscription, you will still keep all your existing orders, and the plugin will run in trial mode, so it can still show up on the front end. You will also be able to view all the specifications for your orders after cancellation.

If you decide to de-activate the plugin, you won't loose any of your settings, however if you uninstall it, settings will be lost.