Feature Rich

With many existing features, the app is well configurable, and will serve you and your customers well.

We are actively updating and creating more features, of which you will be entitled to for FREE upon each release.

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You Have The Control

For a full breakdown see the Knowledge Base

Text Measuring

As the user types, the lettering get's measured. You can define which measurements are shown & the designer never goes above or below your thresholds.

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Colours & Vinyl Types

You can preload the designer with your own vinyl types and whatever colors you have in stock for each type. You can adjust the cost for each color.

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Two Pricing Methods

Two pricing methods are available: Price by character - or price by overal size. Each is very easy to configure to your own pricing model.

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Orders as SVG Files

You can download one or multiple completed orders as SVG files. Meaning you can drag them into your graphics software, and they are already converted to lines.

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Download Order Info

Along side downloading as SVG You can also download one or multiple orders as CSV spreadsheet files. These contain all the specifications of the order.

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Customisable UI

The user interface is very customisable, and can be made to fit well with your website. There's much to try out, and all can be modified & edited with CSS as well.

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Adjust Default Settings

You can define what the inital load state of the designer is, i.e the text, font, color, size. It's up to you what you feel is best for your customers to see.

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Use Google Fonts

We have hundreds of google fonts for you to load into the designer for your customers to use... Make sure you work with each font you select first however!

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Use Your Own Fonts

You may already have your own set of fonts you like to use. That's fine, they can be uploaded as ttf font files, and the designer will make use of your own fonts.

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