Colour Interface Explained

Colour interface explained

You now have the ability to load in colours for both gloss & matt vinyl.

You’re able to select the exact shade which your customers will see and be able to select in the front-end, they may display slightly differently on different screens, however most should look the same.

You can also choose to add an additional cost as a percentage to any particular colour.

Alter the order in which your colours will be shown in the front end. Top to bottom in your list will be show as left to right.

Colour name
The name that will be shown in the tool-top in the front-end

Colour picker
Select the exact colour you wish to be shown as available. You can also enter in a hex colour value

Dark background
If checked the front-end image result will have a dark background if the colour is light, i.e white will need a dark background.

Extra Charge
Enter an additional cost for a particular colour as a percentage.