*IMPORTANT Notes On Sizing By Height

*IMPORTANT Notes On Sizing By Height

When getting your orders ready in your graphics software and you size them up by their height, you may believe the width  to be out by a few mm… But don’t worry, nothing’s wrong!

To size your lettering accurately in your graphics software, always size it by the width given in your order specs, not the height, and you should get accurate results.

The reason is to do with preserving the aspect ratio and the movement in width before the height changes, this is only an issue when sizing orders by height.

Let’s say we have something that’s a height of 20mm and a width of 244mm, when we scale it down width wise by a couple of mm, the height is still going to be 20mm, as there is some movement in the width before the height will actually change.

This “Movement” or “Leeway” is what causes the issue. The measurements are actually correct, but make sure to always size up your orders by width to avoid this problem.

Or alternatively if you wanted to be absolutely spot on, you could unlock the aspect ratio in your graphics software and size height and width to the exact measurements given. However we don’t feel this will really be necessary.