Product ID, Username, API

Product ID, Username, API

In order for the Vinyl Lettering Designer to know where to show up, you’l need to assign it to a product. This is done by entering the product ID.

The product ID can be found by navigating to Woocommerce > All Products, then hover over the one you wish to use and you will be able to see the ID on the product line.

If for some reason this doesn’t show, you can grab the ID from the address bar in your browser, by clicking “Edit”, then on the edit page, you can find the id in this part of the url: “post=289”


Next we’l need to hook it up to our servers for it to run. This is done by entering your user id and API key. user user id is the username you chose when subscribing, and your API key is automatically generated, and cannot be changed.

These two pieces of information can be found in your account section on this website by navigating to My Account > Activate.