Setting Prices Per Character

Setting Your Prices

An example:
For each pricing rule, you add, you’l need to set the height range to which that rule applies.

For example, the first rule is between 15mm and 140mm, meaning that when the user’s lettering ends up at a height within this range, the price (£0.20) will be applied to each character chosen.

When using this method it may not be desirable to have the user only select 1 character, and obtain an order worth £0.20. Therefore we have given the option to set a minimum amount of characters, ensuring that a minimum spend is made.

It’s also important for us to set the minimum & maximum lengths, to ensure they never go over your thresholds. The minimum & maximum heights will be determined by your height rules.

*Important note
When creating new rules, always increment the next by at least 1mm.
i.e A height rule of 15mm to 100mm, your next height rule would start from 101mm not 100mm. The same goes for any width rule.