Setting Prices By Overal Size

Setting Your Prices

An example:
Your first height rule is set between 15mm and 140mm, this means that if the users lettering falls within those heights your width rules then take effect.

Let’s say that under our first height rule you have assigned a width rule of 15mm to 200mm, and set the price at £2.99. Ultimately this then means if the height of the user’s lettering is between 15mm and 100mm, and the width is between 15mm to 100mm the cost of the lettering would be £2.99.

Then still within our first height rule, we create a second width rule of 101mm to 200mm and set the price to £3.99. So now if our customer’s lettering is between a height of 15mm and 140mm, and the width of the lettering is let’s say for instance 165mm, which is within our new width rule, the resulting price will be £3.99. 

*Important note
When creating new rules, always increment the next by at least 1mm.
i.e A height rule of 15mm to 100mm, your next height rule would start from 101mm not 100mm. The same goes for any width rule.