Uploading Your Own Fonts

Uploading Your Own Fonts

When uploading fonts, the Vinyl Lettering Designer currently only supports TTF font types. Any other types will fail upon upload. If your fonts are in a different format such as OTF then most of the time you will be able to convert them.

We recommend using this website to do so:

You are able to select multiple fonts to upload at a time. It’s worth noting that whatever the font is named at the time of uploading will be what is shown on the front end for the font name.

Unlike the system fonts included we can’t guarantee that every font you upload will work 100% so it’s worth doing some tests on each one first.

*Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the use of the fonts you choose to upload them. You must own the font’s which you use for production. We are not liable for any misuse. We also cannot guarantee the measured accuracy of each font uploaded, so you will need to trial each one to make sure they are being measured accurately.